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Losing weight can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. No matter how hard you work out, no matter how you restrict your diet, you just can’t seem to lose those pounds? Did you know that oftentimes, the key to losing weight isn’t just simply staying away from junk food or hitting the gym harder? Our hormones have a lot to do with the weight we gain or lose. Simply our genetic makeup and gender can add to underlying factors that may be preventing weight loss. 

Diagnosing hormone imbalances can be difficult to do without proper testing, but the most common symptoms for both men and women include these top complaints: 

  1. Unexplained weight gain or trouble losing weight
  2. Craving sugars or carbohydrates
  3. Fatigue or loss of energy
  4. Inconsistent Sleep or Insomnia
  5. Low libido
  6. Increased stress, anxiety and or depression


Curious if the root cause of these symptoms could be related to a hormone imbalance? 

hormone symptom checker

But hormonal imbalances do present differently for each person and gender. Men and women present slightly different symptoms when experiencing a hormone imbalance. Women may experience imbalances in estrogen and progesterone levels, while men are more likely to experience imbalances in testosterone levels. Metabolic issues such as a sluggish thyroid or insulin resistance also drive weight gain. 


Complaints due to Hormonal Imbalance in Women

There are specific symptoms of a hormone imbalance more commonly seen in women than in men. Too much or too little of any hormone can cause dysfunction and disease within a woman’s body. Upon experiencing a hormone imbalance, women may present with any of the following symptoms as a result:

  • Infertility or irregular periods
  • Weight gain around the middle
  • Excessive hair growth or loss
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Night sweats
  • Anxiety and or depression
  • Vaginal dryness


Complaints due to Hormonal Imbalance in Men

Men also have specific symptoms caused by hormone imbalances less commonly seen in women. Low levels of the male reproductive hormone testosterone can cause many ailments within a man’s body and present symptoms that are disruptive to daily life and regular bodily functions. An imbalance of any hormone can induce any of the following symptoms: 

  • Decrease in beard or body hair growth
  • Decreased libido and sexual function
  • Thinning of the bones (osteoporosis)
  • Development of breast tissue
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Moodiness and irritability

While weightloss may be your primary motivation to sorting out hormonal imbalances, with proper identification of the root cause, treatment can address multiple symptoms, leading to a more optimized health experience along with hitting weight loss goals. Optimizing your hormones can not only help you lose weight but also help you to keep weight off long term. 

A trained medical professional specializing in hormone health will set you on the right path towards a balanced life by determining which type of hormone imbalance is at the root of your symptoms. After properly identifying what your body needs our certified nutrition coaches are here to help guide you through your medical weight loss journey. We even provide valuable information about how to get started witht this 7-day weight loss jumpstart guide. Together we’ll bundle this evaluation and hormone therapy with guidance on new healthy habits and regular nutrition check-in sessions. 

Not only will you have a team of experts behind you, you’ll have accountability, community, and support every step of the way. 


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