Four Reasons Your Weight Loss is Stalled

Getting to the Root Problem for Fast Weight Loss

Are you tired of going around and around the weight loss journey and end up back where you started? 

If you’re fed up, that’s a good sign. You are closer to a solution than you think.

Getting to the root cause of why you can’t seem to lose weight is the only way to solve your weight issues long-term. Complete medical weight loss just might hold the secret.

One of the keys to unlocking your weight loss potential and sustaining a healthy weight is to address underlying hormonal imbalances that are holding you back. 

What Roles Do Hormones Play in Weight Loss?

Hormones are messenger molecules. We produce hormones from a variety of glands in the body. Hormones can communicate the status of your world, cell to cell. Hormones help our bodies keep coordinated and “up to speed” on what’s going on internally. So understanding how hormones are playing a role in fat storage is incredibly critical when wanting to optimize wellness. The fact is, if you genuinely want to lose weight and keep it off for good, hormone dynamics must be addressed. 

These hormones fall into four different categories: 

  • Thyroid function. Tests ensure you are not suffering from hypothyroidism, which slows weight loss down to a crawl
  • Cortisol levels. Tests address whether your stress activation is turning down your metabolism, making weight loss an uphill battle.
  • Insulin production. Potential insulin resistance brings weight loss to a halt and can develop into more severe health issues. 
  • Estrogen. As a powerful sex hormone that influences thyroid production and increases body fat, tests will measure whether its dominance is affecting weight gain.

Getting off the Weight Loss Merry-go-round and Back to Real Life

Assessing one’s diet–which foods we eat, why we eat, and how much we are eating–and using such things as food diaries or food trackers are helpful in the weight loss journey. However, these habits generally do not get to the root causes.

If you’re ready to get off the weight-loss merry-go-round and to start living a healthy, satisfying life that’s not sabotaged by a weight problem, an advanced medical weight loss clinic might be the answer.  


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