All About Fit3D Scan

Generally, most of us have experienced the same old BMI (Body Mass Index) tests we had to endure taking in school or during physicals – even if they were quite a while ago, it’s hard to forget the disdain that came along with them. Not only did BMI tests add to the already-growing body image issues we may have, but they also don’t really tell us much about the health or wellness of our own bodies, other than a size we “should” fall under. 

Many factors play a role in your BMI, since BMI is based on a height to weight ratio it is not always the most accurate measurement of your overall health status. Since muscle weighs more than body fat, a person with a higher fat mass percentage or muscle mass percentage may actually have the exact same BMI. 

As an adult, your BMI is still an important calculation, but for other reasons than just “sizing up” to others your age. More often than not, our body fat index and overall health score can be better indicators of a lot of health issues that many people suffer from – including hormone imbalances, which can be the root cause of weight gain, mental or emotional fatigue, sleep deprivation, and much more. 

But how would you know that what you’re dealing with, or how you’re feeling, may be a deeper issue that can’t be fixed by diet alone, or by trying to squeeze more exercise into your daily routine? A test that simply gives you a number you should fall under isn’t the answer – our FIT3D Body Scanner, IS. Let’s take a look! 

Don’t just FEEL results – SEE them. 

Our Fit3D scanner is one of the best digital body scanners on the market. This scanner completes a full 360-degree view of your body shape to form a 3D image with extremely reliable measurements. It helps give us a full and complete view of your body composition throughout your weight loss journey. 

You’ll be able to track your progress with detailed and accurate wellness metric measurements of body fat percentage, lean mass, fat mass, basal metabolic rate and more! Tracked over time, this data is extremely useful in monitoring real-time numbers, visualization of progress, and reaching your wellness goals. Our comparison charts continually show trends in all areas measured for additional motivation – view a sample report here. 

The more we know, the better you feel. 

Forget the old school BMI assessments, and know your body BETTER. Part of understanding you and your journey to weight loss, is determining the underlying issues that are working against you and your progress. More often than not, the reason you may be feeling “off” is more than just laying off the pizza or getting an extra hour or two of sleep. While diets and exercise may have failed you before, our unique approach can help you achieve a healthier, happier and sustainable you. 

Finding yourself always tired? In a bad mood? Feeling “foggy?” Having trouble finding motivation? Always having stomach issues? Can’t shake those extra pounds? Are your stress or cholesterol levels higher than normal? Any one (or all) of these can be tied to hormone imbalance. The Fit 3D Body Scanner is only part of our in-depth medical weight loss program, which also includes hormone therapy, comprehensive heart health assessments, diagnostic lab tests, healthy vitamin injections to boost weight loss, and long-term accountability. Quick-fix diets and other weight-loss gimmicks don’t provide positive, lasting change, while our medical weight-loss program provides support and personalized attention every step of the way. 

We, here at Advanced Practice Wellness Clinic, are the Joplin, MO and surrounding four-state area medical weight loss clinic of choice – and our healthcare practitioners and nutrition coaches care about YOUR quality of life. We believe our individually-tailored weight loss programs are the key to developing permanent, healthy lifestyle changes. Our unique approach can help you achieve a healthier, happier, and sustainable YOU. 

Get on top of your health, see yourself in 3D, and learn more about your body than even you thought you could. Take your health to the next level and contact us today!