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When immediate food reaction occurs, sufferers experience symptoms within hours of having ingested the food. Symptom onset is rapid and may include tingling of extremities, wheezing, coughing, tightening of the throat, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. Sometimes in cases where nuts, shellfish, fish, and peanuts have been eaten anaphylaxis can occur.

Immediate food reaction is a fixed food allergy. The food to which you are allergic will almost always provoke an immune reaction when ingested. In immediate reactions the body over produces what is called Immunoglobulin E antibodies, (IgE). IgE binds to allergens and triggers an allergic response to any substance it sees foreign. Often, the reaction isn’t severe the first time, rather it is the second time of exposure that the acute reaction can occur.

A food sensitivity, as opposed to a food allergy, happens gradually and isn’t life threatening. Symptoms of a delayed food allergy can take up to 72 hours to appear. This type of immune response is mediated by the IgG antibody, which is the largest circulating antibody in our immune system and can cross the placenta from mother to child. IgG antibodies are the most common form of immunologic-mediated food responses. It can be difficult to identify the offending food since we eat so many foods that go through different processes and have many ingredients. It is estimated that 20% of the population have an adverse reaction to a certain food.

Food sensitivities may be caused by many factors such as stress, infections, overeating, artificial preservatives, additives, molds, pesticides, antibiotics, and environmental pollutants. Unidentified food sensitivities can then contribute to many chronic health conditions: including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, autism, ADD/ADHD, eczema, chronic ear infections, gut malabsorption, insomnia and many others.

Lab Test Comparison

Only LRA directly measures lymphocyte response.  By directly monitoring lymphocytes, LRA tests…

  • Identify ONLY true reactive items (less than .1% false positives)
  • Can detect ALL 3 types of delayed hypersensitivity
  • Are HIGHLY reproducible (less than 3% day to day variance)

The table above compares LRA testing with other common tests of delayed hypersensitivity.  See links below for additional information.

Read about LRA vs IgG testing for gluten sensitivity.

Study concludes poor reproducibility of cell size testing.

ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies LLC – our most comprehensive Program

BASIC (144 items) $398                                                                                           Professional’s Choice (388 items) $1043

Enhanced Basic (212 items) $548                                                                              Professional’s Choice PLUS (406 items) $1125

Comprehensive (316 items) $893                                                                               ALL INCLUSIVE (505 items) $1725

Comprehensive with Medications (341 items) $ 1080

Food Blocks                                  Specialty Food Blocks                     Food Additives/Preservative                  Environmental Chemicals

46 foods $263                                     Vegan 188 $593                                           FAP 15 $120                                         ECH 15 $120

96 Foods $405                                     Vegetarian 206 $593                                    FAP 27 $203                                       ECH 30 $203

115 Foods $495                                    Kosher 227 $593                                         FAP 45 $323                                         ECH 61 $285

166 Foods $578                                    Halal 236 $593

238 Foods $653

Other Specialty Blocks                                                                                 Omega 3 Tests

FD&C Color Additives 20 $113                                                                Omega 3 $188                                  or as add on test $135

Mold 28 $203                                                                                      Omega 3 & Omega 6 $248             or as Add on Test $195

Dander/Hair/Feather 10 $105

Toxic Minerals/Metal 14 $125

Medications 25 $263

Therapeutic Foods 46 $375

Therapeutic Herbs 18 $158

Silicone Panel 19 $225


96 Food IgG $258
184 Food IgG $400
96 IgG & 12 IgE Food (Pediatric or Basic) $298
96 IgG & 25 IgE Food $420
184 IgG & 12 IgE Food (Pediatric or Basic) $440
184 IgG & 25 IgE Food $560
Candida IgG, IgA, IgM $100
Candida Immune Complex (CIC) $100
Candida Profile $180
Intestinal Flora Immunity Panel $200
Gastrointestinal Panel $570
Casein & Gluten IgG, IgA $128
Protein Sensitivity Panel $180
Celiac Disease Profile $318
Helicobactor – Pylori $100


5 Mold Panel IgE & IgG $130
6 Viticulture Panel IgE & IgG $150
15 Molds IgE & IgG $350
12 Food IgE or IgG (Pediatric or Basic) $150
25 Foods IgE or IgG $300
ACC Panel (Additives, Colorings, Chemicals) 12 IgE $150
ACC Panel (Additives, Colorings, Chemicals) 12 IgG $150
ACC Panel (Additives, Colorings, Chemicals) Bundled IgE & IgG $250
Total IgE $40
Total IgG, IgA, IgM $40
Note: Vegan or Kosher IgG Food panels available $120

THE GREAT PLAINS LABORATORY – may be covered by insurance

IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida (94)  (blood) $325

IgG Asian Food Allergy Test w/ Candida (blood) $325

Celiac DiseaseTest (serum blood)  $165

Gluten and Casein Peptides Test (urine) $165

IgE Allergy Advanced Combined Test (93/69) (blood) $1100

IgE Food Allergy Essential Test (12) (blood) $150

IgE Food Allergy Basic Test (25) (blood) $379

IgE Food Allergy Advanced Test (93) (blood) $750

IgE Inhalant Allergy Basic Test (36) (blood) $379

IgE Inhalant Advanced Test (69) (blood) $449

Immune Deficiency Profile (Blood) $299

Streptococcus Antibodies Profile (blood) $110

** May be covered by some health insurance plans including: Medicare, Tricare, and some BCBS