As Family Nurse Practitioners we specialize in offering affordable, comprehensive medical care across the life span. We integrate traditional medical care with Functional medicine for a more holistic approach to health and wellness. Functional medicine involves a partnership of the patient and practitioner to address underlying causes of disease. It addresses the whole person with regard to their individual genetics, environmental exposures. life style factors, spiritual, emotional and physical makeup. Each of these factors are an influence in chronic disease and our goal is to address each of these in order to bring about health and vitality.

Integrative and Functional Medicine is for people like you who seek optimal health and freedom from illness.  You will acquire the tools necessary to support your health decisions that are lacking in our current healthcare system. You will gain access to a wealth of information, education, resources and tools that support you on your journey toward health. 

Our Commitment is to be a trusted source of education, information, and community partnership for those needing a helping hand in achieving their optimal health goals.

Our Desire is to break down the relationship barriers between you and your healthcare team. We want to provide a place in the community which facilitates true healing. When you step into our practice, we want you to feel that you are truly cared for.

Our Goal is to provide a road map to help you navigate through health problems within an entirely new frame of reference, one that allows you to understand and address the root causes of disease and ill health rather than just treating symptoms.

Our Wish is to have everyone say, “I’m fulfilling my God-given purpose.” We are committed to making functional medicine available to our community as quickly as possible so that no one will have to suffer for lack of knowledge or access.

Founded in 2011 by Carl Smith FNP-C and Quentin Caswell FNP-C with the passion to help bring back the healthcare provider-patient relationship that is grounded in compassion and personalized care. Everyone’s story is unique and we at Advanced Practice Clinic want to lend that helping hand in your journey to vitality. The need for this type of healthcare environment became evidently clear while working in healthcare environment for over twenty years. We have shifted our focus and training to include functional medicine to make this holistic, patient-centered practice of medicine available to those in our local community.

Quentin Caswell, FNP-C

quentinQuentin was born in Miami, OK and raised in Galena, KS. He obtained his AD Nursing at Crowder College, Neosho, MO. Quentin earned his BSN and MSN degrees at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Quentin is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. He is co-owner of Advanced Practice Clinic. Quentin specializes in Bio-identical hormone replacement, functional medicine, medical weight loss and chronic disease management. 

Carl Smith, FNP-C

carlCarl was born and raised in Carthage, MO. He started his nursing education with an AD Nursing at Crowder College, Neosho, MO. Carl earned his BSN and MSN degrees at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Carl is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. He is co-owner of Advanced Practice Clinic. Carl has special interest in chronic disease management, mental health and medical weight loss. 

Kimbi Tidball RN, Aesthetician

Kimbi is a Registered Nurse and licensed Aesthetician. For almost 20 years Kimbi has been helping her clients reach their skin care goals. She specializes in Botox, Dysport, Dermal fillers, Microneedling, PRP treatments, Microdermabrasion and chemical peels, Kybella, Bellafill, and medical skin care. She has additional training in female vaginal rejuvenation, and enhancement of female sexual health. Working with the Nurse Practitioners at Advanced Practice Clinic, Kimbi is able to design a skin care treatment plan for a variety of conditions including: anti-aging, acne, scarring, and can give you back that youthful look you may be missing.

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Dr. Robert Sweeten, Medical Director

medical-directorDr. Robert Sweeten grew up in Grove,Oklahoma, graduating from OU School of Medicine in 1979. He completed his internal medicine residency in Tulsa in 1982. Board-certified in Internal Medicine, he practices in the Neosho Missouri. He currently lives in Seneca Missouri with his wife Rene’.